Linking to other websites

This is a tutorial about how to link back to give credit to pictures, ideas, or other things we get from other websites. One way is the way you have already learned in EDITING HELL, which is putting their web address in the body of your post by using the link symbol in the tools area of the posting page.  Another way is to link through a photo. This works really well if you use a photo from another website, that way there is no question of plagiarism.

This page of the website, the inspired room,  shows how she successfully uses inspiration from other sites, yet there is no doubt to where the idea comes from.

Notice that she puts a caption under each photo that is a link to the site the photo came from. When you click on one of them, up comes another site, in another tab. You always want them to open up in another tab so it is easy for people to x out of that tab and your site is still there. Go to this page, on The Inspired Room, to see how this works.

To make sure your link goes to another tab, click on the text that you have linked, and you will see a pencil that means edit,click on that and you will see the tools gear. Click on that and you will see a box to check that says open link in a new tab. click on that box to put a check there and push update.  Your link will now open in a new window.

The way the Inspired Room seems to do it is to insert a picture like this...

And then put the link here



You can also make the photo and caption itself a link, so it is like this......

see my fancy boots on my about our farm page

You do that by clicking on the add media button. When it takes you to the media library, choose your photo and fill out the caption and link info on the right side, and then push insert into page button. (Note: to get it to open in a new tab I had to click on the picture after I had inserted it, and click on the pencil/edit button to bring up the edit picture screen and it was there I checked the open in a new tab box.)



Either way works and protects you from someone getting upset or worse, charging you money, when all you wanted to do was share some great thing they had on their site. I hope this helps you and is clear enough for you to understand. Keep up the good work you have been doing learning about all of this!

Setting up the Google Monsterinsights plug in for reports

This is a quick tutorial on how to set up the google monsterinsights analytics on your site.

  1. On your dashboard go to plug-ins and click on installed plugins
  2. Find Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights and click on settings
  3. At the top under the general tab, click  the find out if you already have.... button. It will take you to their website. Follow the instructions there.
  4. When you have done all of that, copy the ID that it gives you and go back to your dashboard page. Click on the authenticate with google button and paste your ID#
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click on the save changes button
  6. On your dashboard sidebar hover on Insight and then click on reports. 
  7. There you go!