The dance (test post)

Ah Fall. Everything is pulling back its energy, getting ready to sleep for the winter. Sap is no longer running in the deciduous trees, and the leaves are almost all on the ground, done with their job for the year. Seed heads have replaced the colorful flowers of summer, ready to drop into the soil, sleep for the winter, and bring new life in the spring. It is darker now, not just because of the short days and time change, but because thick clouds block most of the light from the sun on most of the time, here. It is a quiet, sleepy time of year, at least that is how it seems as I look at the big picture called Fall. But when I take the time to look real close I am amazed at how much is still going on. Here I thought the dance was over, but for some things it is still going strong.

My desk sits in front of a window in our dining room, looking out over a small side garden. I sit at it for many hours every day and look out at changes of the season.  Recently I have watched the leaves change color and the towhees and the chickadees return to my winter feeders. What I did not notice though, until this morning, is that my Tinus Viburnum is starting to bloom. Not an amazing thing on its own, because it is a winter blooming shrub. The amazing thing is that I have been looking out my window seeing the garden go to sleep, and right before my eyes a dance has been happening. When did the buds first start to form? How did it go from just leaves to this bud covered shrub?

I listened to a short podcast by Murdock about the dance of energy and matter, and how even though it is going on all around us, we miss it. I was so busy looking at the big picture of fall that I missed these beautiful flowers forming. Oh, how I wish that I had a motion camera to be able to watch the dance of those buds forming. I bet it was beautiful. Another thing I just noticed was a spider web that was right outside my front door. I open that door dozens of times a day to throw the Frisbee for our insistent dog, Dritt. How could I have missed the building of that web. It is so intricate that it would have been so interesting to see it being made.

All of this reminds me that I need to slow down and take some time to really look at all that is around me on my farm. The dance that is going on between energy and matter in our world never stops and fills me with a sense of awe. It is this dance that makes life so worth living.

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