Busy Times at the farm

In my last post I told you that it had been a very busy time for me. Too busy to take time to go through pictures and post, so I thought I would take the time now, to show you a little of what I’ve been doing. Besides my “have to do” projects, like roofing the house, I was able to do some fun stuff. I washed some dark brown lamb’s wool from our flock, and spent a couple of days carding it with my drum carder.

Shetland/jacob lamb’s wool

I decided to blend it with some alpaca that I had from my sister.

Alpaca on the drum carder


I did a 75/25 blend and am really happy with it. I decided that I would make a round yoked sweater with it, so I also carded a bit of the white wool and blended it with the same fawn alpaca. I will use this for a pattern on the yoke. I can’t wait to finish what I have on my spinning wheel so I can start spinning this!

About a pound and a half of wool ready for the spinning wheel

Close up of the soft, fluffy fiber

I also carded up some romney wool that I had bought at a fiber fair a couple of years ago.

Pretty gray romney wool, ready to be carded

It’s amazing how much lighter it looks after it is carded. This will be enough for a couple of hats!

The batts of wool straight off the drum carder

I also took some time to package up some seeds I had saved from my garden this year. Pumpkin, chard, hollyhocks, and calendula! 

Hollyhock seeds

Usually I forget where I have put the seeds that I saved, so I am putting in a picture of where they are kept, so I can come back to this post in the spring and see where I stashed them!

A perfect hiding place for seeds.

All of my “fiber fun” was all over the dining room. What a mess! I love what it looks like when it is all clean. I enjoy going to thrift stores and finding tablecloths, runners, and napkins. These put a smile on my face, and are a great way to brighten up the gray days of winter.

I love the texture of this tablecloth!

A cheery embroidered runner

I decided to treat myself and set the table with some dishes that I love. I bought just one place setting for when I want to treat myself.

Treating myself!

I love the thin, delicate feel of this china.

So delicate!

If anyone knows what kind it is, let me know. There is no marking on them. Oh, did I mention that that is another thing I enjoy looking for at the nifty thrifty. I made myself some quiche and a salad made with  the few greens that I could find in the garden. Some sourdough bread and home canned applesauce made it a full meal. Oh, and the homemade blackberry wine was perfect! (By the way, the mister was gone for the evening, so I did not leave him to fend for himself while I indulged myself) Things have slowed down a bit here and I am enjoying puttering around the house. I have got some more big projects going, but I am trying to take them one step at a time instead of all at once. I will share those as I get them done. Here is what I put on my chalkboard door this season to remind me to enjoy my life.

I love my chalkboard door.

I hope you are taking the time to enjoy your life too!    Sandy

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