Whoa!!! How do you slow down this thing called life???

I had such big aspirations. I took loads of “look how pretty my flowers look in the fall” pictures. I took photos of 2 wonderful getaways that mom, sis and I were able to escape to. I took photos of the colorful fall leaves, and really, I was planning on sharing all of this wonderfulness with you. But then something happened. LIFE. Major house projects that had to get done. Visitors. Everyday busy stuff. The good news is that I have survived the whirlwind of the last few months and am determined to really enjoy the Christmas season.

I started out by accompanying my son and grandsons to the tree farm.

Cutting down the perfect tree

This is the first year that the boys got to experience the great tradition of cutting down their own tree. It was always such a fun time when my kids were growing up, to go out in the woods and get a tree. Warming up with hot chocolate was always a part of the outing and my son was excited to do this with his boys.

Warm hot chocolate on the tailgate

marshmallow mustaches did happen

We all had a fantastic time!

Back at the farm, I had fun decorating the house.

Last year I found a whole set of these little guys for only a couple of bucks

I love collecting these old Christmas balls

I love making little vignettes here and there, using all the great finds from thrift stores. Just taking my time and puttering felt so good after the busy-ness of the past months.

The angel is another thrift find. Her round cheeks make me think she is related to me!

The mister has brought home many oil lamps because he knows I love them

I love this little homemade village. The small LED lights just set it off perfect!

My dining room has become the place for some glitz


The mister is almost done with the outside lights. I would help with that, but over the years he has come up with the way that he wants them, so it is best for me to just get out of the way! They are always beautiful when they are done, and I usually take a bit of time to sit out in my car, drink some yummy Christmas drink and enjoy them. By the way, I sit in the car, because at this time of year it is usually raining quite heavily!

I celebrated getting the decorations up by having a sip (actually several) of Milk Liqueur that I made. Here is the link to the recipe. It sounded so weird when I first read about it that I had to try it. Now, makingĀ  it is a yearly tradition. It tastes like a deep chocolate with a finish of citrus… very yummy! Check out the other recipes on that site. I have tried the Creme Brulee and the chocolate caramel tart and they are fantastic. The only problem is, the first time I made them was for a family dinner and I made both. The mister found that the leftovers, when microwaved for just a minute, were divine together, so he insists that I always make both at the same time.

Hope your Christmas traditions are making you happy this time of year, and you are taking time to enjoy some of the little things that make it special for you.

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