A wooly day

Despite the perfect weather for working outside, and despite the fact that I have so much to do outside right now, I decided to take an afternoon to process some fiber. My plan was to card some of the wool from our shetland ram, so I could spin it to ply with the weird color red wool that I already spun up. As I spun up that yarn, I decided that I really didn’t like the solid, drab red and figured if I were to ply it with the brown shetland, it would make a yarn that I would want to do something with. With this in mind, I grabbed a bag of what I thought was the shetland wool, but when I got it out of the bag I realized that instead I had grabbed the gray romney wool that I had bought at a fiber festival a couple of years ago.

Pretty gray romney wool, ready to be carded

Instead of going back upstairs to find what I was originally after, I decided it was high time that I dealt with the romney. I turned on some youtube videos to watch and spent the afternoon turning the wool into fluffy batts, ready to be spun up into yarn and made into something warm…. maybe a hat and mitts! I am always amazed at how fluffy the wool gets.

The batts of wool straight off the drum carder

I rolled the batts into balls and put them on the scale. The 1 pound of raw, unwashed wool made 9.9 ounces of usable wool. I am still planning to card the shetland soon, so I can spin it up and put it together with that strange red.

I also knit a few rounds of the socks I started up north…. hummm, who shall I make them for? I love knitting socks 2 at a time on circular needles. It seems when I do them one at a time, I never finish the 2nd one. I am at the heals right now, so it should really go quick from here. I will keep you posted.


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