A is for Apple

The farm has been a busy place this last week and a half, with the sweet scent of apples filling the air. One of our apple trees put on a bumper crop this year, it’s fruit crisp and tart…. perfect for all sorts of good things. This is amazing, since last year we thought it was at its end. It is planted on a slope, and after lots of soaking rain, it fell over. The mister used a come-along to pull it up as far as he could and put a prop under it. Funny, as I passed it in July, I didn’t see many apples and contemplated about its fate. I was amazed in August when the abundance of apples started to show themselves as very large red specimens! Fortunately for me, one of my 18 year old granddaughters was visiting, so her and I started a batch of apple wine. My Dad thinks I am a “naughty grandma” (his words) for showing an under age grandchild how to make wine, but hey, it’s a great chemistry lesson!!

racking the wine

The mister helped me rack it into a carboy for further fermentation and it tastes amazing already!  After we had the wine going, with the help of another granddaughter, we made 13 quarts of applesauce. Not the bland, baby food tasting apple sauce like you buy at the store, but good, chunky, spicy apple sauce like my grandma always made. While I was away for the weekend, the mister along with a friend of his canned 32 more quarts, so we are set for applesauce this year. One of my favorite ways to eat it is on pancakes… this was a favorite of my grandpa.

Pantry full of applesauce

There were still lots of apples left after all of that so the mister and I put 8 bags of apple slices, ready for pie or crisps, into the freezer. There was still more, so I put some through our champion food mill and cooked it down slowly with sugar and spices to make mouth watering apple butter.

Apples slowly simmering away to make apple butter

Plenty of apple butter to put on our toast

Yum! To top it all off, I made a pan of apple crisp to be eaten with heavy cream poured on top, while enjoying a cozy September evening.


It feels so good and satisfying to be done with all of the apples…. that is until I think of all the pears that are falling, calling to me to get busy preserving yet again.

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